LPG Carriers


Vessel Information
Vessel Information
Name IMO No. Year of Built Summer Deadweight (mt) Lightweight (mt)
ECO CORSAIR 9710311 2014 3,703 2,531
SEAGAS LOYALTY 9710335 2015 3,720 2,531
Basic Information
Basic Information
Builders Kitanihon Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Type GAS
Flag Cyprus
Port of registry Limassol
Classification A1, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Carrier with Independent tanks, E, AMS, ACCU, TCM, BWT+, GP
Dimension and Main Data
Dimension and Main Data
Length o. a. 95 m
Length b.p. 89 m
Breadth max. 15.96 m
Depth extreme 7.10 m
Deadweight summer 3,664 mt
Deadweight winter 3,509 mt
Deadweight tropical 3,799 mt
Draft summer 6.50 m
Draft winter 5.36 m
Draft tropical 5.59 m
Speed in fully laden condition 13.5 knots
Speed in Ballast condition 14 knots
GT 3,589
NT 1,076
Crew Complement per SEC 22