Vessel Information
Vessel Information
Name IMO No. Year of Built Summer Deadweight (mt) Lightweight (mt)
AVENCA 9410002 2008 51,237 10,077
Basic Information
Basic Information
Builders STX Shipbuilding Co Ltd - Korea
Type Oil/Chemical Tanker
Flag Cyprus
Port of registry Limassol
Classification LR DH Oil & Chemical Tanker, Ship Type 3, ESP, IWS
Dimension and Main Data
Dimension and Main Data
Length o. a. 183 m
Length b.p. 173.90 m
Breadth max. 32.20 m
Depth extreme 19.10 m
Deadweight summer 51,237.70 mt
Deadweight winter 49,814.70 mt
Deadweight tropical 52,660.70 mt
Draft summer 13.15 m
Draft winter 12.87 m
Draft tropical 13.42 m
Speed in fully laden condition 14 knots
Speed in Ballast condition 14.5 knots
GT 30,010
NT 13,579
Crew Complement per SEC 30